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There are many sites related to the medieval period. Reenactors, suppliers of replica equipment and weapons and, of course, custodians of ancient castles and abbeys. Some are listed here and some have been used by me but their appearance here is not a recommendation unless I have said so in the description. I am, of course, not responsible for any content in external sites.

While I check these links from time to time you may discover one which has moved or has stopped working. If this is the case please get in touch and let me know.

About Medieval Castles & Siege Weapons
Filled with information on Medieval Siege Weapons (including catapult and trebuchet), Medieval Castles, and Medieval Siege Warfare.Site is based in the USA

Archaeology On-line
a German site (English version is promised) well worth a visit. The resource guide contains more than 1000 links to archaeological and historically related sites throughout the world which are all well commented and sorted by more than 300 categories. This is not just a link site though, for the German readers there are newspaper articles related to archaeology, reviews of books and a discussion board.Site is based in Germany

Castles Unlimited
formed in recognition of the necessity to preserve these relics of history. They are dedicated to the promotion and study of British Castles. Their goals are educating and stimulating people to explore the castles for themselves. Castles Unlimited offers several services and information which may be of interest to you.Site is based in the USA and UKSite is based in the USA and UK

Mary Rose
was built between 1509 and 1511, she was one of the first ships able to fire a broadside, and was a firm favourite of King Henry VIII. After a long and successful career, she sank accidentally during an engagement with the French fleet in 1545. Her rediscovery and raising were seminal events in the history of nautical archaeology especially for students of the medieval longbow. This link is to the Mary Rose Trust.

New York Carver
is a great site dedicated to castles, abbeys, cathedrals and the work of the stone carver. Among its well laid out content are great tours of some well known castles as well as stone carving tours, a field guide to Gothic terms, virtual tours of the great Gothic cathedrals, medieval art museums, and more.Site is based in the USA

Berkeley Castle
Trip steps designed to make the enemy stumble during an assault, arrow slits, rugged battlements, murder holes, enormous barred doors, slots where the portcullis once fell, and worn stones where sentries stood guard. And here you will see the cell where King Edward II was held for 18 months before his murder here in 1327, with the 30 foot deep pit of the dungeon close by. But you will also find a Castle that has been continuously inhabited by the same family.

is the body responsible for some of the finest properties in the UK. Wales is fortunate in having so many fine castles, full details of which are available on this site.Site is based in Wales

English Heritage
are the custodians of many of the historic properties in England

National Trust
is engaged in the protection and preservation of places of historical significance and natural beauty. This link is to the National Trust Official Web Site.

Royal Armouries
Excellent national collection of arms and armour based largely in Leeds.

Wallace Collection
The Wallace Collection is both a national museum and the finest private collection of art ever assembled by one family. It was bequeathed to the nation by Lady Wallace, widow of Sir Richard Wallace, in 1897, and opened to the public just over three years later on 22 June 1900. Its first visitors were variously delighted, amazed and bemused. Among its treasures are one of the best collections of French 18th-century pictures, porcelain and furniture in the world, a remarkable array of 17th-century paintings and a superb armoury.

Battle of Tewkesbury
This site is posted by the hosts of the Tewkesbury Mediaeval Festival, featuring a mediaeval fayre and full re-enactments of the Battle of Tewkesbury

International Heraldry
aspects of Heraldry from its early development in Medieval Europe. Heraldic practices in battle, mêlées and jousts. Examples from armorial rolls, grants, castles, manor houses and other buildings and artefacts. Includes an explanation of terminology and how to blazon arms. Based in France, the site is in English. Site is based in France

Lance and Longbow Society
Our aim is to promote the military history of the high and late middle ages, through to the early renaissance. We hope to appeal to all needs, including wargamers, re-enactors, amateur historians and heralds. Now in it's 11th year, the society produces four issues of the highly praised journal "Hobilar" annually. This contains articles and comments from the membership and is enhanced by a colour section.
is the home for re-enactors of all ages where you will find fellow enthusiasts, historians, extroverts, fools and drinkers! This is a place to share: share your knowledge, gossips, laughs, trials and tribulations.

Medieval Warfare
Aspects of warfare and arms in Medieval Europe. Illustrated techniques and practices in castle sieges, battle, mêlées and jousts, cross referenced to battlefields, castles and original source documents. Includes information on armour, weaponry and siege engines. Based in France, the site is in English. Site is based in France

Medieval Writing
An introduction to the history of medieval writing, including the origins of our written culture, paleography and the history of scripts, and the nature of literacy and the written word in the middle ages. Manuscript books and documents, and the very process of writing itself, are part of the cultural heritage of the western world.Site is based in Australia

Buckingham's Retinue
Buckingham's Retinue is one of the more authentic British re-enactment groups for the period 1450-1530. The society exists to reconstruct and re-enact late medieval, and early Tudor life, concentrating on the period known as 'The Wars of the Roses'

Medieval Combat Society
The Medieval Combat Society reenacts the foot combat tournaments of Edward III. The society provides exciting displays and shows to the public with knights in armour battling each other watched by the kings court. The Society also enjoys archery, dancing, banquets and all things medieval.

Medieval Free Company
A group of families and individuals who all share a common interest in medieval history. They specialise in the recreation of the lifestyle of a group of mercenaries during the Wars of the Roses period. Everything within the camp is recreated, through research, with as much historical accuracy as possible using materials and methods that would have been available at the time. Their focus is on authentic living history camps and archery with traditional English longbow.

The Household of Sir Anthony Woodville philosopher, poet, soldier, dreamer, and Renaissance man ahead of his time, Lord Scales and later Earl Rivers. The Woodvilles are a living history and battle re-enactment group covering the "Wars of the Roses" period. Founded in Hampshire in the early nineties the group now draws members from all over the United Kingdom. The group has gone from strength to strength in recent years, becoming increasingly more 'authentic' and gaining many more members. The site is an introduction to the group, its activities and re-enactment in general. It is intended to provide information and updates to members, new starters and anyone thinking of joining a fifteenth century group.

Wythe Retinue
A non-profit group, providing living history for the heritage, educational and private sectors. whose historical re-enactments and educational presentations bring 15th Century domestic, military and political history to life.

Calligraphy and Heraldry
The fine art of medieval illumination and heraldry, produced on vellum using gold leaf, by artist Neil Bromley. An extensive gallery of artwork, ranging from illuminated manuscript pages, heraldic artwork, calligraphy, and Honorary scrolls. Every commission is suited to the individual

Dexter Seal Engraving
Based in the UK this excellent company produces hand engraved seals and signet rings. I have one of their rings which was deeply engraved on white gold and produces an excellent impression. A highly recommended company offering personal and friendly service.

Gerard Naprous and The Devil's Horsemen
With more than 30 years in the film and showbusiness industries Gerard's reputation for taking on the most difficult jobs and performing them with apparent ease, has won him respect as one of Europs's leading Horse masters, Stuntmen and Stunt Co-ordinators

Inden witten Hasewint
This is the site of Henk de Groot. Henk is a parchment maker of some knowledge having learned the methods which were in use during mediaeval times. Not only are various kinds of parchment available the knowledge of the processes is given freely on this great site. Based in the Netherlands but in English.Site is based in the Netherlands

JM Instruments
Here you will find a wide range of quality instruments at affordable prices for both beginners and more advanced players. Based in Reading Berkshire JM Instruments is within easy reach of many cities by train, London is only 30 minutes express train from Paddington. Customers are very welcome to try out instruments such as the 11crs Student Baroque Lute or alternatively you can hear and see it being played on videos on this website, enjoy!

Kevin Garlick Shoemaker
Kevin has been making shoes for re-enactors, films, theatres and museums for many years. He has been in the re-enacting scene since 1976, so knows what a shoe or boot has to go through. Kevin caters for different budgets and authenticity needs.

Medieval Weaponry
Reproduction reenactor medieval and historical weaponry

Museum Reproductions


Museum Reproductions is a company which has been in existence for a number of years as a small cottage industry. We have been reproducing ancient coins, seals and artefacts for collectors, museums and schools for several years and, as you will find within these pages, have one of the largest ranges of such items in the world at excellent prices

Period Glasses
Specialists in period and antique spectacle reproduction from early mediaeval to the 1950s. Clients include TV, Film, Theatre and many re-enactment groups and individuals

Re-enactment Supplies
Providing top quality re-enactment supplies to, amongst others, members of the Sealed Knot, English Civil War Society & Wars of the Roses Federation. All items are intended for full contact battle re-enactments.

Richard Head Longbows
has over 20 years experience in making and selling English longbows and arrows. Richard is a founder member of the Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers and, together with his son Philip, has built up a world-wide reputation for providing quality equipment. In the UK Richard and Philip count among their customers members of the Royal Toxophilite Society and the Royal Company of Archers. Your commission will receive the same care and attention to ensure that the finest bow or arrow possible is crafted from the best materials available whether they be for Victorian style target, clout or field shooting or Dark age/Medieval re-enactment.

Sally Pointer & Gareth Riseborough
Sally Pointer & Gareth Riseborough bring you carefully researched projects, resources and supplies inspired by the past to enrich the present. They are makers, designers, researchers and educators, and are always happy to discuss commissions or requests for workshops. From experience as a customer their service and quality are superb.

Swan and Lion Sutlery
Very high quality mediaeval and renaissance re-enactment goods Site is based in the USA

Tod's Stuff
Tod makes a range of goods from needle cases to swords, but specialises in replica knives of the medieval and early renaissance periods. All items are characterised by the use of the highest quality materials and techniques combined with accurate research to produce a piece that is made to be used.